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Welcome to TINY.VN!

Thank you for using our Tiny services, you are agreeing with our Terms. Please read the Terms carefully and remember, any information shared outside of TINY.VN is inaccurate information.

We do not manage and confirm that shared information. TINY.VN (the official and only domain name is TINY.VN) is an individual product and doesn’t belong to any organization. This is a service that helps you optimize your internet connection, thus helping you improve your online gaming experience both inside and outside of the country.

The terms are specified with the following:

1. Account registry:

1.1. To use TINY.VN services, you can register and use a trial account or a premium account. We assure you that your login information will be kept secure on our server and we commit not to use that information.

1.2. You can be authorized by any of the third parties to access and use TINY.VN on behalf of you. You are responsible for maintaining your account and password confidentiality and are responsible for all actions that happen to your account and password. You agree to immediately let TINY.VN know about the illegal use of your account or password or any other security breach. TINY.VN cannot and will not be responsible for any loss that arises from the illegal use of your account.

1.3. You cannot use TINY.VN’s service to store all information, data that distorts, slanders, defames, violates against the law, ... going against the political line of Socialist Republic of Vietnam and other countries, and/or the purpose of conducting sexual, pornographic, fraud activities; violating the culture and fine customs of Vietnam.

1.4. You cannot abuse the system resources including, but not limited to: using content that takes a lot of time for the CPU to process, taking a lot of bandwidth, etc. doing the same action over and over again like using the wrong game card number, top-up many time but have not completed the process of selling the service access of TINY.VN to an organization, third-party without TINY.VN’s consent.

1.5. Do not use TINY.VN to hack, sabotage the network, use the service freely or sabotage the network bandwidth, the information infrastructure; electronic information system on the Internet.

Your TINY.VN account will be automatically terminated should you violate any of the regulations mentioned above and TINY.VN could terminate your account at any time. .

TINY.VN also has the right to shut your account down at any time without informing you or having the reason to do so. By providing TINY.VN your email address, you agree to receive all necessary notifications electronically to that email. Sometimes, TINY.VN will use this email address to send you a notification about the updates, events, and news from our community


Usually, the system will automatically update and process the transaction when you correctly perform the top-up syntax…With a transaction using the wrong top-up syntax, account name, it will be processed manually on the next working day, 24 hours after receiving your request. You can send your support request through Tiny’s official fan page

Please refer to these methods and the details for time-limited information for each form of payment at Here - Tiny.VN Pricing


We have a money-back guarantee policy (excluding bank fees, promotion, if any)

- From 1-7 for these forms of payment: Momo E-Wallet, Bank Transfer

- 7 days for payments made by Paypal payment gateway

Whatever the reason, just ask for a refund and we will send you your money back immediately. We're happy to serve you, so you don't have to worry if you get a refund and you still want to use our service again; TINY.VN will always welcome you and if our service makes you feel unsatisfied, we will still give you a refund


- We only refund the service price listed on the website of TINY.VN and made at the website: TINY.VN

- All refund support transactions must comply with the instructions published in the Pricing section

- Payment in any form will be refunded in that form.

The payment gateway for card top-up only supports Vietnamese customers. If you are intentional and not a Vietnamese customer, we have the right to refuse and NO REFUND